TQi 2.4Ghz Fernsteuerung (WIFI-Fähig) 2Kanal (mit 6533 TSM-Empfänger)


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Traxxas 6509R TQi 2.4Ghz Fernsteuerung (WIFI-Fähig) 2Kanal (mit 6533 TSM-Empfänger)

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TQi 2.4Ghz Fernsteuerung (WIFI-Fähig) 2Kanal (mit 6533 TSM-Empfänger)

Hersteller: Traxxas

Total Control. Traxxas models deserve the world's most advanced Ready-To-Race® radio system. The radio system is the sole connection between the driver and machine, and needs to be precise, comfortable, powerful, and reliable. The Traxxas® TQi™ radio system boasts a full range of tuning features; long-range, 2-channel versatility, high-output, 2.4GHz signal, and proven Traxxas reliability for rock-solid performance. However, the most important and innovative feature may already be in your pocket. TQi can be equipped with the revolutionary Traxxas Link Wireless Module that turns your Android or Apple iOS device into a powerful tuning tool for your Traxxas model. The full-color display combines with the Traxxas Link™ App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface that unlocks the mysteries of optimizing your radio system for ultimate vehicle control. The Traxxas Link Wireless Module is compatible with Android 4.4+ or Apple iOS 4.3+ platforms (see device requirements below).

  • Sleek 2-Channel Transmitter Design with Internal Antenna
  • 5-Channel Receiver with 3 Telemetry Ports
  • Traxxas Link Modellspeicher für bis zu 30 Modelle
  • Programmierinterface mit Zwei- Tasten Bedienung
  • Built in Failsafe
  • Spektrum-Technologie (DSSS)
  • Nur 4 AA Batterien benötigt
  • Optional Traxxas Link Wireless Module Pairs TQi with Android 4.4+ or Apple iOS 4.3+ Platforms
  • Traxxas Link Application Provides Visual Access to:
    • Real-Time Telemetry
    • Customizable Dashboards
    • Steering/throttle expo
    • Steering/braking dual rate
    • Servo-Umkehr
    • Endpunkteinstellung
    • Profile customization and sharing
    • Manage an unlimited number of models with the Traxxas Link App

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