RPM SLVR Spider Mini-T Felgen hinten RPM-73222


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RPM SLVR Spider Mini-T Felgen hinten RPM-73222

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RPM SLVR Spider 8 Spoke Losi Mini-T Felgen hinten RPM-73222

Hersteller: RPM

The RPM "Spider" Mini-T wheels are a unique design new from RPM. The "Spider" features eight split spokes with three grooved surfaces on each spoke, and the front diameter features a unique stepped design never before seen on any R/C truck wheel. Not only is the "Spider" stronger than stock, it weighs in at 3% lighter than a stock dish wheel which translates into less rotating mass, improved acceleration, and less unsprung weight. All RPM Mini-T wheels are stock diameter, stock width, and stock offset. They work seamlessly with stock tires.

Quick Notes: – sold in pairs – tires not included

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