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5035 Lynx Racer Propeller CCW + CW Set


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5035 Lynx Racer Propeller CCW + CW Set

Hersteller: LYNX

Lynx Heli Innovations are now producing high quality FPV Racer Propellers!
Our FPV Racer Propellers have been designed from scratch to be the best propellers possible on FPV Quads Racer.
Thanks to our expert plastics consultant, we have optimized the weight and the rigidity using an exotic polymer blend.
The propellers features incredible material stability that guarantees constant shape (no warping), even with extreme weather conditions (very hot, very cold). The result is a propeller giving the best performance under all conditions.
When flying the Lynx Propellers, you will immediately see the precision and the resulting accuracy and agility during flight. Our FPV Racer Propeller not only will increase the agility but also the thrust with amazing efficiency.

Our design target was made FPV Propellers that can bit competitors, but the result surclass our expectation! All of us and our beta tester was just astonished when we test it... and after many compare the fly feeling are incredible.

Beta Tester and Top Pilot Test report:

-       Increased agility but precise in fast speed domain.

-       Superior thrust and acceleration compare other brands same size.

-       Averell crash resistance over the standard, in training and competitor need.

-       More thrust less current draws, that confirm the superior efficacy.

Available in different colors and size… made for your FPV Racer competition need!

Plastic Polymer Base PA66

Propellers Size: 50-35
Average single propeller weight: 1.95g


2 x Propellers 50-35 CCW – gelb

2 x Propellers 50-35 CW - gelb

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