Tarot Mini 250 through the machine frame TL250A


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Tarot Mini 250 through the machine frame TL250A Racecopter Body

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Tarot Mini 250 through the machine frame TL250A

TAROT Mini 250 through the machine is similar products in the market only allow camera, image overlay systems, battery power, power transfer, 5.8G wireless image transmission, antenna, GPS and other electronic equipment, can all line or soldered to the PCB integration rack, a significant reduction in wiring installation quick and easy.
TAROT Mini 200/250/300 through the machine is currently the similar products in the most integrated product, the overall thickness 2.1MM pure carbon fiber support structure designed to be simple to use 450 tripod extremely ruggedness, low accessories. Rack comes standard on the PCB holes integrate all electronic products, reduce fly line interference. Extremely lightweight frame structure to obtain reasonable long life time.


  • Wheelbase: 250mm
  • Empty rack height / assembly height: 43mm / 85.8mm
  • Empty frame length / assembly Length: 195mm / 288mm
  • Empty frame width / assembly width: 219mm / 315mm
  • Bottom headroom: 21.8mm
  • Empty weight / takeoff weight: 115G / 430G (including 2200mAh battery)


  • TL250A Kit X 1
  • English manual x 1

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