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Panzer III Ausf.N Fertigmodell In 1:72

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15.Pz.Div., Afrikakorps 1943

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The Panzer III was the standard medium tank of the German Army besides the Panzer IV in the WW2. From 1936 - 1943 more than 5700 Panzer III were produced. The chassis served also as base for the StuG III which was in production until the end of the war.
The Panzer III got the role of the anti-tank vehicle while the Panzer IV was intended for infantry support. However - this changed over later in the war.
The first Panzer III versions Ausf.A-D came from End of 1936 in small numbers and with different suspension layouts to test the most suitable suspension for massproduction. They already got the 3,7cm AT cannon which was built into the Panzer III turrets until the Ausf.F.
In 1939 the first Panzer III Ausf.E which is the first of the series production with the well known 6 wheel suspension was produced. The next change was while the production of Ausf.F when the new 5cm KwK L/42 was introduced and later with Ausf.J the longer 5cm KwK L/60 cannon. Additionally the armorplates were increased in thickness from Ausf.H on. With the Ausf.L a new 20mm spaced armor on the front was introduced and carried on with the subsequent marks. The Ausf.M then got additional sideskirts for the chassis and turret. Also a new muffler system was introduced which allowed deep fording up to 1.3m deep water.
The Ausf.N based on the chassis of Ausf.L and M and featured the new 7.5cm KwK L/24 cannon leftover from early Panzer IV turrets. Altogether 614 Ausf.N from July 1942 to August 1943.
The armament was the new 7.5cm KwK L/24 with 64 rounds stored inside the tank plus one 7.92mm MG34. It consists a crew of 5 soldiers. The engine was a 285hp Maybach HL 120 TRM and allowed a maximum speed of 40km/h. The tank was 5,74m long, 3.41m wide and 2.50m high. Its combat weight was 23t and it ran on the 38cm wide Kgs 61/400/120 tracks.

The 15.Panzerdivision was raised in November 1940 and was sent to North-Africa in April 1941. It served there in many battles as the battles for Tobruk and El Alamein until their defeat and surrender in May 1943 in Tunisia.

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