Airfix: Australische Infanterie in 1:72 Vergrößern

Airfix: Australische Infanterie in 1:72


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Airfix: Australische Infanterie in 1:72

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Airfix: Australische Infanterie in 1:72

Hersteller Airfix
Original Artikelnummer A01750
EAN 5014429017506
Verkaufseinheit 1
Verpackungs-Höhe 120 mm
Verpackungs-Breite 30 mm
Verpackungs-Länge 170 mm

The Australian Army fought in many theatres of WWII and this set depicts them in possibly their most challenging theatre of all, the jungles of South East Asia. They fought with great distinction and courage during WWII, and in the Far East they had many successes and victories against Japan, namely Mine Bay and Kokoda.

48 Unpainted Pieces.

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